Molnija Pocketwatch "Red Banner of Labor"

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Caliber: Molnija 3602

Diameter: 50mm

Height: 16mm

Dial: silver

With pocket watch chain!

Rarity - Molnija pocket watch from original factory stock - manufactured in 2002, new and unused. Of course tested and re-oiled.

This Molnijja (Russian: "Lightning") pocket watch with hand-wound movement was manufactured in the Chelyabinsky watch factory, which has since been closed.

This is the Red Banner of Labor model.
Silver dial.
RED BANNER of LABOR In contrast to the military badge "Red Banner Order", the Order of the "Red Banner of Labour" was awarded to civilians (e.g. collective farms, factories, factories and heroes of labour) for their outstanding achievements for the fatherland. The original order, pictured here, consisted of a silver badge in the shape of a cog with the motto "Proletarians of the World, Unite!" imprinted. In the center a dam with a hammer and sickle emblem on it, beneath which blue enamel for the water could be seen. The whole thing was framed by an oak leaf wreath. 

Molnija caliber 3602 with 18 jewels, anchor escapement, 18,000 vibrations and small seconds at "9". Metal housing with 50mm diameter, 16mm height, plexiglass and spring lid. (pressing the crown opens the lid)

Supplied with watch chain and box.


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