Repair & Service information

Repair & Service information:

you are welcome to send us your russian, mechanical watch(s) for repair.

Please include a description of the malfunction, your email and the return address.


Julian Kampmann

Linprunstrasse 47

80335 Munich


The repair time is approx. 3-4 weeks.

We will confirm  the receiption of the watch and keep you certainly updated.

The costs (a more precise cost estimate is not possible as the necessary work only arises during the repair) is between EUR 65 and EUR 165 per watch including VAT, depending on the damage, work and spare parts required.

If the repair costs more than EUR 165 due to major damage (e.g. water damage), we will of course consult with you in advance.

If you still need accessories, such as a new bracelet, please note this.

For further information you can of course also contact us by email (preferably with a photo of the watch in question) at

If you send your watch from outside the european union, please take care to declare it as a broken watch with low value in order to avoid import issues. 

Julian Kampmann & TEAM