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Actual information - October 2021:  - Free DHL EXPRESS upgrade!

We are very happy to offer you this choice of watches and our goal is to make you smile, when you open the package!

If you have any comments, wishes or advise - please contact us at Kampmann@Poljot24.de

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Actually, we upgrade all international orders to DHL EXPRESS in order to insure a fast and reliable shipping to your home!

Shipping costs are EUR: 10.- within Europe and EUR: 20.- worldwide and we upgrade you automatically then to DHL EXPRESS!

More Info about DHL Express = https://www.poljot24.de/en/dhl-express-engl.html

Best wishes and take care,  Julian Kampmann & TEAM


Informations - Octobre 2021: -

Nous sommes très heureux de vous proposer ce large choix de montres et notre objectif est de vous rendre heureux lorsque vous ouvrez votre colis!

Si vous avez des commentaires, des souhaits, des conseils, des questions, … n’hésitez pas à nous contacter via l’adresse mail : Kampmann@Poljot24.de

Si vous souhaitez nous donner une évaluation, allez à la page :  https://g.page/r/CdVZSRt3sP-uEAg/review

Nous expédions toutes les commandes internationales en utilisant les services de

 DHL EXPRESS, afin d'assurer une expédition rapide et fiable à votre domicile!

Les frais sont de 10 euros pour l’ Europe, et 20 euros  pour le reste du monde, et nous vous informons automatiquement des étapes de la livraison via  DHL EXPRESS!

Plus d'informations sur DHL Express : https://www.poljot24.de/en/dhl-express-engl.html


Julian Kampmann & son équipe


Informazioni - Ottobre 2021: 

Aggiornamento DHL EXPRESS gratuito! Siamo molto felici di offrirti questa scelta di orologi e il nostro obiettivo è farti sorridere, quando apri la confezione!

In caso di commenti, desideri o consigli, contattaci all'indirizzo Kampmann@Poljot24.de

Se vuoi valutarci = https://g.page/r/CdVZSRt3sP-uEAg/review

In realtà, aggiorniamo tutti gli ordini internazionali a DHL EXPRESS per assicurarti una spedizione veloce e affidabile a casa tua!

I costi di spedizione sono EUR: 10.- in Europa e EUR: 20.- in tutto il mondo e ti aggiorneremo automaticamente a DHL EXPRESS!

Maggiori informazioni su DHL Express = https://www.poljot24.de/en/dhl-express-engl.html

I migliori auguri e attenzione, Julian Kampmann & TEAM


Información actual - Octubre 2021: -

¡Actualización gratuita de DHL EXPRESS! Estamos muy contentos de ofrecerle esta selección de relojes y nuestro objetivo es hacerle sonreír cuando abra el paquete.

Si tiene algún comentario, deseo o consejo, contáctenos en Kampmann@Poljot24.de

Si desea calificarnos = https://g.page/r/CdVZSRt3sP-uEAg/review

De hecho, actualizamos todos los pedidos internacionales a DHL EXPRESS para asegurar un envío rápido y confiable a su hogar.

Los gastos de envío son EUR: 10.- dentro de Europa y EUR: 20.- ¡en todo el mundo y lo actualizamos automáticamente a DHL EXPRESS!

Más información sobre DHL Express = https://www.poljot24.de/en/dhl-express-engl.html

Mis mejores deseos y cuidado, Julian Kampmann & TEAM

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Julian Kampmann


Dear watch friend,

If a watch means more to you than a timepiece and if you prefer the miniaturized precision of a mechanical movement to quartz electronics then sooner or later you will discover the Russian watches.

The enthusiasm for Russian watches seized me about nearly 30 years ago ( I started 1992  ) and has not ceased to this day. I turned my hobby into my profession.

The initial cheap reputation of Russian watches shifted to the contrary some time ago and the fan community has increased considerably in size. Nevertheless, wearing a Russian watch still has a special attraction.

The large model variety helps to satisfy any taste and the  low production costs in Russia (compared to European conditions) spare the wallet. The noble brand ‘POLJOT’ – unaffordable in its country of origin – is especially popular abroad.

My watches are new and unused. I deliver them with a genuine  leather watchband. I have nearly every watch several times on stock for immediate shipping !

All watches come with 2 years warranty and we are happy to offer also service and repairs.

Please enjoy the fascination of mechanical watches and maybe you will soon be counted among the connoisseurs of these Russian masterpieces!

Best wishes,

Julian Kampmann


Visiting Munich ? You are most welcome !

You are very welcome to visit my shop in Munich - I have nearly all of the watches on stock and you can take your time and look at them personally. Please contact me via email or phone to make an appointment.
Creditcards are certainly accepted.

If you come with the subway - take the U1 station "Maillingerstraße". From there it is just a 4 minute walk. If you come by car, you can park directly in front of my garage.

This is the googlemaps link !

Büro Julian Kampmann