9905 Stainless Steel strap for Strela 42mm

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Strela high quality stainless steel strap Milanaise style for the 42mm Strela Chronographs with 22 mm bandwidth.

This is the new , massive Strela milanaise metal strap with 22mm bandwidth - for the new Strelas with 42mm diameter.  ( you can find  these very nice Chronographs  Nr. CO42CYW, CO42LAW, CO42CYB, CO42LAB, TR42CYW and TR42LAW in the rubric "Chronographs" or "News" ! )

This high-quality, massive (105 grams) Milanese stainless steel band is particularly nice: since the Milanese bands though very noble and beautiful to look at, they are often difficult to shorten -  this band has besides the folding clasp each  4 / 3 removable metal links. This makes adjusting the watch band not only much easier, but also looks very good. The length can also still be fine tuned on the security clasp, too

Height of the strap on the metal links is 5mm and on the Milanaiseparts 4mm. Length 18cm.

For sure, this special milanaise strap fits to every watch with 22mm bandwidth !