Slawa Automatic Gorbachev, unworn!

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Caliber: Slawa 2416

Watchcase: Chromed

Dial: beige

Diameter: 38 mm

Height: 12 mm

Rarity of 1990!

This watch comes from old, original stock - it is brand new, never used  and very interesting - not only for collectors! My watchmakers certainly checked and re-oiled them.

The chromed watchcase has 38 mm diameter  (with crown 40 mm), 12 mm height and 18 mm bandwidth.

Particularly striking and typical of the Slava watches: upstanding plexiglass! (scratches can be polished).

The white dial with black hands shows the image of Gorbachev (beneath the date at "3") and with distinctive, red cyrillic letters and the  English translation beneath: "The first president of the USSR".

THIS is really a watch with "history"!

For more information about Mikhail Gorbachev see Wikipedia!

Very robust and good Slava automatic caliber 2416 with double spring house, 39 hours power reserve, 18,000 halfrotations, 21 jewels and shock protection.

This watch comes with a RIOS leather strap and a small watch case.