Poljot de luxe automatic

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caliber: Poljot de Luxe automatic
watchcase: gold plated
diameter: 35 mm
height: 9 mm
dial: silver

Poljot de luxe automatic / collector's item

These special watches are from my own stock since 1992 or from private collections.

They are all in very good condition and are completely restored by my watchmakers and re-oiled. Of course, these rarities also come with 2 years warranty and are fully functional and ready for use. Only 1 piece each available.

Should you have any further questions about a certain watch, please feel free to contact me at Kampmann@Poljot24.de

These watches come  with a high quality , new RIOS1931 leather strap and small watch case.

Poljot de Luxe Automatic  in very good  condition of the 60´ies !
This is one of the nicest and most elegant watches from Poljot ever! The  gold plated Poljot de Luxe,  with shock protection
Perfect condition of this rare watch - no scratches and with lots of history - with fresh serviced caliber !
A real dream watch from Russia!