Poljot Deckwatch Marinewatch CCCP 1988 / one piece only

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hand-wound movement Poljot 53303 with 22 jewels

Diameter of the watch: 64 mm, height 19 mm, polished.

Collectors piece from 1988 - unused and in perfect condition - with all papers, wooden watchbox etc.

Poljot deck watch Marinewatch "Beobachtungsuhr" from Poljot factory  stock!  A masterpiece of watchmaking art !

This observation watch Poljot "B-Clock"of the Russian Navy was made for the Soviet armed forces - the work has a swan-neck fineadjustment  and it is a exact replica of the famous Ulysse Nardin chronometer-caliber !

Description of the caliber: gold-plated high-precision hand-wound movement Poljot 53303 with 22 jewels, swan-neck fineadjustment, compensation balance, decorated movement with Genfer Streiffenschliff, diameter 64 mm, height 19 mm.

The work is engraved with the caliber type, serial number , the production date  and the cyrillic inscription 22 jewels. Power reserve 40 hours.

The silver-white dial has the cyrillic inscription "Poljot" and "made in CCCP",  flat mineral glass.

Diameter of the watch: 64 mm, height 19 mm, polished. Double pressed back  (to admire the caliber, you can open both watchbacks easily with a knife and close them  by pressing with your fingers )
Comes with original documents, certificates  -

Massive wooden box made   (dimensions of the Box: 75mm height, 100mm width and 130mm length) - loading of the clock and tell time (Deckuhr) possible by opening the upper lid.

Made in 1988 

This Poljot observation watch "B-Uhr" is certainly one of the highlights of Russian watch making - in this original, fully functional and complete state, a great rarity! 

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