Poljot Chronograph Classic - 1992

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Movement: Caliber 3133 

Case:  chromed 

Dial: white  

Diameter: 38 mm 

Height: 13 mm

Poljot Chronograph Classic - from 1992


Built in 1992 - from original factory stock, unused and new

This Poljot Chronograph "Classic" is longtime sold out - it was produced in the 90´ies and one of the first russian Chronographs exported to the West... I managed to get some of these legendary watches from old factory stock at Moscow - very limited number available only. These watches are certainly unused, original and in perfect condition - checked and regulated,too.

This Poljot Classic has an elegant chromed watchcase with 38 mm diameter and fits perfect on every wrist and due to the smooth lunette also under narrow shirt-sleeves... It has a white dial  -18 mm bandwidth. 


Poljot 3133 caliber with 23 jewels, shock protection, approx. 48 hours power reserve and 21.600 halfrotations. 

With black RIOS1931 leather strap and black Nato textile strap included - with watchbox

( I started my watch business 1992 also with this Poljot "Classic" Chronograph - I sold this model for example from 1992 to 1998 for  wonderful DM: 120 which is about 60.- EUR . This is still one of my very favorite and decend watches )