TR40CY2 Strela Chronograph 40mm Sapphire


  • Copyright by Philipp_watch ( Instagram )
  • Copyright by Philipp_watch ( Instagram )
  • Crystal back available as accessoire for EUR: 20.- ( see below )
  • Crystal back available as accessoire  Nr. 0100ST
  • with leather strap Louisiana Crocodile Calf brightbrown
  • with leather strap Kaluga brightbrown
  • with leather strap Kaluga darkbrown
  • with leather strap Kaluga black
  • Prototyp  picture
  • Crystal back available as accessoire
  • on the left side: the original Poljot Column-wheel-Chrono of the 60´ies
  • Modell St. Petersburg
  • Modell Louisiana Crocodile Calf

TR40CY2 Strela Chronograph 40mm Sapphire

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Incl. 19% VAT, Excl. shipping
 Lieferzeit: 1-2 days

Caliber: Seagull Column-wheel-caliber ST19

Watchcase: Stainless steel polished / brushed

Dial: white

Diameter: 40mm

Height: 14mm

Lug to Lug width: 50mm

Strela Chronograph TR40CY2 ,  40mm,   column-wheel-caliber , sapphire crystal

New 40mm edition of the famous Poljot Strela Chronographs - long awaited and now realized!

In the 50's to 70's Poljot produced in Moscow the famous Strela column-wheel-chronographs, caliber Venus 3017.

The Strela chronographs belong to the most beautiful watches from Russia, with their own design and a lot of history.

In addition to the still available ( see rubric Strela watches )  Strela chronographs   with Poljot 3133 caliber,  these new 40mm models are now the new version, again with the column-wheel-caliber ST19!

These new watches use - just like the first Poljot Strela chronographs from the 50's - the beautiful column-wheel-caliber.  Strela gets this high-quality caliber from Seagull, caliber number ST19, with manual winding,  approx. 40 hours power reserve, 21,600 beats per hour, shock protection and 21 jewels.

This caliber is a very reliable, accurate and durable movement. I have gained lots of experience with this caliber with the Seagull model 1963.

It is the exact replica of the Venus 3017 caliber - only with additional shock protection. Hence the engraving 3017 > ST19 on the back of the new Strela.

This Strela TR40CY2 has a comfortable to wear stainless steel case with 40mm diameter, 14mm height and 20mm strap width.

10 ATM waterproof!

The watchcase is created by Strela  with great attention to detail, so it corresponds to the famous predecessors - with brushed side panel and polished lugs, polished  lunette and the typical baguette-shaped stoppers.

The watch has a  wonderfully decorated, screwed back. The picture of the caliber is engraved on the watchback!
The white-golden dial of the version TR40CY2 also corresponds exactly to the old models - with heightned golden numbers and indices, the red Tachy and the blue Telemeterscale  and the Cyrillic inscription.
The old models were made under the name Poljot, Sekonda and Strela, while a distinction was made between a higher quality version ("Class 1") for export and a Soviet Union version. These differences no longer exist today, but as a small reminder of the "old times" these dials were printed with the title "Class 1".

The delivery is inclusive brown Strela pull-through leather strap, case and the very nice decorated screwed back.

The crystal  back  is available as accessoire for  EUR 30.-.

As the handmade leather strap  RIOS1931 KALUGA, made of Juchtenleather fits perfectly to the new STRELA , it is also included without extra price!

You can choose between the light brown (cognac), dark brown (mocca) and black colour for the additional Kaluga leather strap.

If you prefer the RIOS1931 Louisiana Crocodile Calf leather strap ( Nr. 9010SW ) or the St. Petersburg strap  instead, you can certainly chose this option above.

In this short video, I compared the Strela Chronos 38mm, 40mm and 42mm =

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