Alexander Shorokhoff Alzenau, Germany

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The watchmaker Alexander Shorokhoff

In the beautiful, small Bavarian town of Alzenau near Aschaffenburg is the old building of the watch factory "Alexander Shorokhoff".

There, since 1992  the russian movements (  Poljot, Slava, Vostok  ) but also the high quality Swiss calibers are elaborately engraved by hand and refined. 

These experts produce in this factory most precious mechanic watches with russian and swiss calibers with history, combined with with valuable and detailed finishing/decoration and loving ,detailled design "made in Germany"!

Each watch is completely designed by Alexander Shorokhoff and drawn by hand. (See video)
The production of a high quality watch  takes a lot of passion, precision and tact. An experienced team works together with  Alexander Shorokhoff.

Their fascination and passion makes these  watches unique and valuable timepieces.

Please find attached some pictures of this watch factory and the process of creation of these  watches.

I am very happy to work together with Mr. Alexander Shorokhoff  and his team  since  many  years now.

Please ask me if you have any more questions about these watches online or any other watches of his brand.

This is the homepage of the Manufacture:

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