Glashütte GUB Spezimatic

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caliber:  GUB Caliber 74 Spezimatic
watchcase: gold plated  with stainless steel back
diameter: 36 mm
height: 12 mm
dial: silver

Glashütte GUB Spezimatic

The Council for Mutual Economic Assistance (RGW, Russian Совет экономической взаимопомощи) was an international organization of socialist states under the leadership of the Soviet Union. The RGW (1949-1991) was the socialist counterpart to the Marshall Plan. As part of the RGW had the VEB (peoples owned enterprise) "Glashütter Uhrenbetriebe (GUB)" the task of providing the GDR and the states of the RGW with watches of various kinds. Especially well-known are the wristwatches and mechanical marine chronometers.

The watches of Glashütte GUB were also exported to the Federal Republic of Germany and were considered very high quality watches!

After the reunification in 1990, the VEB Glashütter Uhrenbetriebe became the Glashütter Uhrenbetrieb GmbH, among others with the brand "Glashütte Original".
In the year 2000 the Swatch Group AG bought the Glashütter Uhrenbetrieb GmbH.

I have - not least because of the historical background - now also watches  of Glashütte GUB in my program. These are original individual pieces from the years 1964-1979 - each in very good to perfect condition and they are provided by my watchmakers with a fresh service. For sure, even eventual repairs / service are guaranteed by my watchmakers with original parts! 2 years warranty are included as always,

These Glashütte GUB watches are not only a fascination for their history, but they are simply beautiful,decent and  classic wristwatches!

Further information about Glashütte  GUB and the backgrounds can be found on Wikipedia:

Caliber GUB Spezimatic 74:

26 jewels, rotor automatic, 18,000 halfrotations per hour, monometallic balance with self-compensating flat spiral, 2 GUB shock absorbers.

Model Spezimatic, gold plated with stainless steel watchback , silver dial ,  new acrylic glass and leather strap.

Wonderful original and very good condition and ready to use on your wrist!

Comes with  additional high quality RIOS1931 leather strap and small watch case.
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