Are there counterfeit Russian watches?

This is a persistent rumor – but there is no counterfeiting of mechanical Poljot or Wostok watches except for the most cheaply copied Wostok quartz watches from China.These can be identified as counterfeit at first sight. There are some watches from Russia with special faces like car emblems or Swiss writing on them. These faces are manufactured by private parties in Poland.
Should there be any doubt regarding a mechanical Russian watch, I recommend taking a look at the movement. It would be a very cost intensive effort to forge these mechanical calibers. I personally have not seen one counterfeit in my 20 years of dealing with these watches.


What is the difference between ‘Poljot’ and ‘Poljot International’?

The company Poljot manufactures the well know mechanical watches in Moscow. There is the regular ‘Poljot’ product line, that you can purchase at my shop for example. A lot of models of these Poljot watches come with Cyrillic writing, since they were not produced for export. The company Poljot-International was founded exclusively as a branch for export and is located in Kahl on the Main.
The watches sold by this company do not differ from the Poljot watches in terms of origin and mechanics. Their design   however  does. The design was clearly adjusted to European tastes and gold and jewels are applied at some models. They are distributed only through established jewelers.  I am very happy to offer all of these nice and special designed  Poljot International watches now, too - if you don´t find a certain model at the rubric "Poljot-International" at my shop , just contact me directly and ask me.


What should I do if the watch has a problem ?

I give a two-year warranty on any watch sold at my shop and furthermore I offer a repair service at a low price for russian watches.  Should there be a problem with your watch you can send it to me with a description of the error.   If the problem of the watch is within the 2-year warranty time,  it will certainly repaired for free - if there is any problem later or if you break the watch accidentially, you can contact me for a good and inexpensive repair. Since 20 years,  I work together with very good and experienced watchmakers who repair these russian watches with original spareparts for me.


Are the watches checked before delivery?

Each watch is checked thoroughly before it is delivered. As needed it is also adjusted on the watch timer. Thus a good final check is guaranteed.


Do the watches need to be serviced every 2 years?

This is not necessary. The danger of resining no longer exists for these watches and service is generally not necessary. If the watches are not worn regularly I recommend, however, winding them up at least once every 6 months and to let them run down.


Can I also see and buy the watches directly in Munich?

This is no problem and you are very welcome to visit my office. Since I have no fixed business hours in my office it is recommended that you make an appointment per email or phone beforehand.


Do you also take watches as trade-ins and/or do you purchase watches from private parties?

Since I sell only new and unworn watches I normally don´t purchase used watches.  But you certainly can ask me directly...


Do you sell spare parts for mechanical watches?

Sorry, I don´t have spare parts for mechanical watches for sale. But I can offer a good and fair priced repair service through my experienced watchmakers - just contact me for details...


Are Poljot chronographs/alarm watches waterproof?

Since the push buttons of the chronographs are not screwed in they are only water resistant. Rain and sports are no problem but these watches are better kept away from water. Alarm watches and other watches with screw-on crowns, however, are waterproof.


How does the quick change of date work on the chronograph?

After a manual change of date you just turn the hands backwards onto position ‘10’ and then forwards past the number ‘12’. With each of these settings, the date moves forward 1 day! To change the date on a hand-wound watch without chronographic function, the hands must be turned back to position ‘8’.


What is the accuracy  of these mechanical watches?

The accuracy of mechanical watches is in general not comparable to quartz watches. The average accuracy of Russian watches is comparable to good Swiss watches and 5 to 20 seconds per day. Also better results are possible, but this also depends on local temperature and how you wear the watch...  Each watch is checked on my watch timer and adjusted if necessary before it is shipped.


Are the watch prices including Tax ?

The prices already include VAT/sales tax of 19%. Customers from outside the EU ( like Switzerland, USA...) don´t have to pay this VAT and certainly get the export price.


How quickly will I receive the watch/es ordered?

Normally I have almost all watches in stock and mail them after a final check immediately upon reception of the order. Delivery time in this case is 1-2 days within Germany and a little longer if it goes abroad.
In some rare cases I do not have the watch ordered in stock and delivery can take 1-2 weeks. Should it take longer than that or if the watch is unexpectedly sold out I will notify you. Therefore, I recommend that you always give your email address or phone number when you place an order.


Do you also repair Russian watches that were purchased somewhere else?

Yes - just contact me if you have a broken russian watch. In most cases it makes sense to repair them and get them back working...


How safe are limited editions of Russian watches?

Most Russian watches are produced in certain limited editions and are numbered. Within one edition the numbering is correct. It cannot be excluded, however, that there are several editions for one successful model.


Privacy policy

I do not disclose the name, address, phone number or E-mail of my valued customers to third parties. All orders are processed in a secure way.