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I have been selling russian mechanical wristwatches for over 25 years now  and a lot has been changed during this time - many beautiful models are no longer produced, once popular models are now very rare collectors' pieces and there are of course always interesting novelties from Russia.

I have now decided to open my "treasure box" and to offer special items from my own stock in this section.

Partially, these are also watches, which I bought back from my long-term customers.

All of these watches are of course in very good condition.

These mechanical watches have no date of expiry and can run for many decades without service - but nevertheless  they are all intensively tested  by my watchmakers, overtaken and re-oiled.

Of course, these rarities also come with 2 years warranty and are fully functional and ready for use.

Only 1 piece each  available.

Should you have any questions regarding the certain  watches, please contact me at Kampmann@Poljot24.de

I try to expand the section constantly and several times a week with  new pieces from my stock.

Enjoy browsing !