Poljot column-wheel chronograph

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caliber: Poljot 3017
watchcase: chromed
diameter: 36 mm
height: 12 mm
dial: white

Poljot column-wheel chronograph / collector's item

This very rare watch is from my own private collection.

Comes with 2 years warranty and is fully functional and ready for use.

Should you have any further questions, please feel free to contact me at Kampmann@Poljot24.de

Delivery includes a high quality, new RIOS1931 leather strap and small watch case.

Extremely rare Poljot Column Wheel Chronograph, caliber 3017 

This watch is authentic and original - just the caliber is completely serviced by us.
Single piece only - very rare!
This Poljot column wheel caliber is one of the most special and rare watches from Russia at all