1760 LUCH One Hand Watch 38mm

sold out

Caliber:  Luch 1801.1

Watchcase: chromed

Dial: white

Diameter: 38 mm

Height:  8 mm

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Sorry, sold out!

RARE!  These models are already sold out in Minsk; we bought the last pieces from LUCH!

Including additional high quality RIOS1931 leather strap in your preferred colour!

You can find all special LUCH watches from Minsk in the rubric "LUCH watches" !

The "LUCH" watch factory from Belarus is one of the few companies of the former Soviet watch industry that has kept and continues the full cycle of the production of mechanical watches. See below the official company video of the company Lutsch!

The factory was founded in 1956 as a "Minsk Wristwatch Plant" and has successfully produced  and internationally exported the brands "Zarya" and "Vympel".

In 1964 the ladies' wristwatch "Luch-1300" came onto the market. This was the smallest watch ever produced in the Soviet Union.

From 1973, the product range was extended to watches for motor vehicles. The company Luch was temporarily the only supplier of such watches for the Soviet Autocompany AwtoWAS and its Lada cars.  The company currently employs approximately 7,000 people and produces around 500,000 watches.

In 2010 the famous Swiss watchmaker "Franck Müller International B.V."  invested in this LUCH company and has signed an investment agreement with the Republic of Belarus.

I am very pleased to be able to offer these watches, since they come from a watch factory with a lot of history and they are special timepieces!

I import these watches directly from the factory in Minsk and the watches get a special 3-week  quality export-control for me.

This is the One Hand Watch by  LUCH.

Polished chromed watchcase with a diameter of 38mm (with  crown  40mm and lug to lug width  44mm),  a very flat height of 8mm,   20mm bandwidth and a flat, hardened  mineral glass.

The white Cyrillic dial is equipped with a black hand, which serves as a combined hour and minute hand - the time can be read off with the 5 minute scales.

This "decelerates" somehow the so often stressful and "driven by seconds" workday  and with some exercise you can read the time exactly and don´t  miss any train ...

Manual winding caliber LUCH 1801.1 with 15 jewels , 21.600 halfrotations, 38 hours power reserve  and shock protection. A very robust and reliable caliber of sovjet origin!

Comes with black LUCH leather strap, small watchbox  and Cyrillic watch passport.

Furtheremore, I include a  high quality RIOS1931   leather strap in your desired color!

As an accessory, I recommend a butterfly folding clasp to this leather strap Nr. 9025 or the Molnija 9550 Milanaisestrap,  polished in 20mm.

Very nice! See on the  >>  official LUCH company video << how the watches are produced in the factory in Minsk - Thanks  to Alexander & Marina of LUCH for this  Video!

Here you can see some alternative One Hand watches and how to read them = http://www.uniquewatchguide.com/single-hand-watches/

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