Vostok Ship´s clock 5-CHM

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Back on stock again - just arrived from Vostok, Cristopol, Tatarstan, Russia!

The SHIP'S CLOCK Vostok 5-CHM  also called "SUB CLOCK" was originally produced by Vostok watchmakers for Soviet Navy's battleships and nuclear submarines. Even nowadays many russian ships and submarines are equipped with this watch.
The mechanic , very robust Vostok caliber  features 12 jewels, with an anchor escapement and monometallic balance - it runs 8 days when fully winded.
The dimensions of this impressive watch are diameter 22 cm (9.8 inches)  and thickness 8 cm (3.14 inches) at a weight of 2,8 kilo. 
The aluminium case is splash-proof with anticorrosion coating.
To set the time and to wind the watch with a key, you can open the front of the case - looks like a ships bullseye!
Delivered together with a key,   screws, certificate and papercase.   
This watch is very difficult to get nowadays , it is produced by Vostok in Tschistopol, about 800 km from Moscow.
Very rare!