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Homepage URL:  http://julianhuxley.wix.com/photography
Datum:  2015-10-05
I have recently bought two gorgeous watches from him. These watches are superbly made and look like the big names that cost the prices of cars. Mr Kampmann put up with my many questions about the watches. It was wonderful to talk to him on the phone and talk about cars and our two great cities of London and Munich. What is really appreciated is the extra straps in a choice of colours. This is very generous of him. Love the Alexander Shorokhoff watches. Hope the next will be a Tourbillion.

Name:  Patrice
Ort:  France
Datum:  2015-09-30
Fast delivery. The leather strap was changed free of charge and I had a little present. I am very satisfied with my order, I had read on several watch forums that this site had a good reputation.

Name:  J. Lange
Ort:  the Netherlands
Datum:  2015-09-19
Yesterday I received my Sturmanskie Open Space 24 hours watch (black dial). Never before did a package from Germany reach me this fast! It was a great joy to open the box and to find this breathtakingly beautiful watch in a nice etui. Also included were a personal letter from mr. Kampmann, with information about my watch, a catalogue, the official papers and a tasty little present. Thank you very much! I really like my first "real" watch (i.e. auto/mechanical, instead of a quartz one). Thanks!

Name:  K Miller
Datum:  2015-08-07
Herr Kampmann thank you for the stunning Aviator 2414 and the extra strap and would highly recommend Herr Kampmann

Name:  Jens
Datum:  2015-08-03
Habe mir die Alexander Shorokhoff Watch Dandy gegönnt. Tolle Uhr ..eine wahre Augenweide und vorallem keine Uhr die man jeden Tag sieht. Danke , die Uhr bereichert meine Sammlung ungemein .

Name:  Matthias
Ort:  Koblenz
Datum:  2015-07-31
Als Liebhaber von mechanischen Uhren habe ich neulich im Internet www.poljot24.de entdeckt. Ich habe als Neukunde eine Skelettarmbanduhr von Poljot International bestellt. Meine Bewertung Uhr und Uhrenvertrieb Julian Kampmann: Bestnote 5 Sterne plus. ! Ich kann Herrn Kampmann wärmstens weiter empfehlen. Vielen Dank, so bereitet auch der Kauf einer Uhr im Internet Freude. Herzliche Grüße aus Koblenz.

Name:  Jürgen Müller
Ort:  Bamberg
Datum:  2015-07-30
So einen professionellen, schnellen, freundlichen Online Händler habe ich im Netz noch nicht erlebt. Vielen Dank, die Uhr Seagull 1963, hat meine Erwartungen übertroffen. War bestimmt nicht die letzte Bestellung meinerseits.

Name:  Michael
Ort:  US
Datum:  2015-07-25
Julian wants his customers to achieve perfection by guiding them throughout their buying experience. You can be a novice or an expert.

Name:  Günther Hones
Ort:  Landsberg
Datum:  2015-07-21
Absolut zu empfehlen !

Name:  Alaric
Ort:  Philippines
Datum:  2015-07-21
Julian is a fantastic watch dealer. He communicates with the buyer with such great detail and knowledge about his products. You will immediately realize that Julian's passion is making customer satisfied with their purchase For the product itself, He offers them are great prices also. Got two watches and I really am satisfied with Julian. Cant wait for the next purchase.

Name:  koellensperger
Ort:  A-4040 Linz
Datum:  2015-07-17
Ein unüblich korrekter Uhren- Verkäufer mit feinen Uhren!!

Name:  Bjarne
Ort:  Sweden
Datum:  2015-07-13
I received my Poljot traveller alarm last week and is very pleased with it. Great service, fast delivery and very nice email conversation. Thanks for the extra Rios strap. Happy customer!

Name:  Matthew
Ort:  UK
Datum:  2015-06-28
Thanks for the amazing Strela 1254 watch. Fast delivery, arriving in 2 days with additional straps and chocolates. 5 star service

Name:  Uwe Marin
Datum:  2015-06-10
Sehr professionelle und serviceorientierte Abwicklung. Vielen Dank

Name:  Tom Webster
Ort:  London
Datum:  2015-06-05
Herr Kampmann, Thank you so much for the superb Poljot Int and excellent customer service. Not only is it a stunning watch at a very keen price but the additional straps are a real bonus. My wife is from East Germany and was thrilled with the cookies!