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Name:  David Shannon
Ort:  Scotland
Datum:  2008-01-12
My order for the Aviator Small Second was promptly despatched and my various follow up questions answered quickly. A pleasure to do business with somone who has a dedication and passion for these unusual timepieces. I think I shall be back again soon!

Name:  Denis Ostir
Ort:  Velenje, Slovenia
Datum:  2008-01-03
great service the next one just ordered (Strela) will be my number 4 Poljot (Blue Angels, Square, Buran Moonphase) ... once you buy your first, you simply fall in love with them ... great service from JK

Name:  David Bilan
Ort:  Ostrava
Datum:  2008-01-02
Dear Mr. Kampmann, thank you again for delivering ordered watches. This time I ordered Vostok Komandirski "Parachute" and 24-hour Raketa for my wife and we both are very excited by these beautiful watches. We wish you happy and successful new year 2008. Best Regards David Bilan

Name:  Melanie Feldman
Ort:  Olching
Datum:  2007-12-24
Lieber Herr Kampmann, vielen Dank für Ihre kompetente und freundliche Beratung! Der am Freitag bestellte Chronograph "Journey" ist noch rechtzeitig am 24. bei uns eingetroffen und ich konnte ihn meinem Mann unter den Baum legen. Er war begeistert! Nochmals herzlichen Dank und machen Sie weiter so! Frohe Weihnachten und einen guten Rutsch! M. F.

Name:  Thomas
Ort:  France
Datum:  2007-12-20
Thanks for this excellent shopping experience ! The "Berkut" pilot chronograph is just as nice as it looks on the picture, the delivery to France was super-fast, and I really appreciate the russian surprises in the parcel. This shows how you care for your customers. I will certainly be a return customer.

Name:  Mickael Duchet
Datum:  2007-12-10
Hello, I ordered a Wostok Amphibia Automatk 2301 one week ago. I received my watch today. SHE is wonderful. Julian Kampmann did an excellent job. My watch is beautiful; no problem with shipping (I live in FRANCE). Every froggies can order in www.Poljot24.de without fear. Thank fo all, Mr KAMPMANN. Best regards. ++

Name:  Alexandra Basel
Datum:  2007-12-05
Vielen Dank für die schnelle und unkomplizierte Abwicklung. Mein Mann ist total begeistert von seiner Poljot und "Russisch Brot" sind meine Lieblingskekse :o)

Name:  Jean Pierre
Datum:  2007-12-04
Absolutly an excellent professional seller, very serious!.Buy with confidence...Regards from France

Name:  Øyvind Haugen
Homepage URL:  http://www.paperindustryweb.com
Ort:  Geithus, Norway
Datum:  2007-12-04
Would anyone believe that I ordered a Wostok Komandirski "KGB Black" watch from Julian on Saturday and it arrived here in Norway on Wednesday??? Man, you'd better believe it 'cause that's the truth! Thanks, Julian! Best wishes, Øyvind.

Name:  David Bilan
Ort:  Ostrava, The Czech Republic
Datum:  2007-11-30
Dear Mr. Kampmann, I would like to express my gratitude to you and your service. I ordered Aviator IV Saphire and this watch is just amazing. The watch arrived in perfect condition and I enjoy it very much. I wish you many satisfied customers. Best Regards David Bilan

Name:  Bernd Hoh
Homepage URL:  http://www.kundendienst-hoh.de
Ort:  Mühlhausen
Datum:  2007-11-28
Sehr geehrter Herr Kampmann, schon nach 2 Tagen ist die bestellte AVIATOR II bei mir eingetroffen. Eine super Uhr, ein super Service, super Freudlichkeit bei der Bestellung. 2 Wochen zur Ansicht ( ja wo gib es denn sowas noch ! ) Ich bin begeistert und es wird nicht die letzte Uhr gewesen sein. Ich hatte ja vorher schon 3 Poljot und es werden mehr. Also, vielen Dank, alles perfekt, viele Grüße aus Mühlhausen, Bernd Hoh

Name:  Carsten H.
Ort:  München
Datum:  2007-11-26
Hallo Julian, danke für diese tolle Uhr. Mach weiter so und viel Erfolg. Carsten

Name:  BA - London
Datum:  2007-11-15
Having been recommended by a friend who was already a poljot owner, I was entranced by the beautiful watches Julian has for sale. A couple of models took my attention, and a few emails and phonecalls later I am the proud owner of a 0412 chrono. Julian was so helpful on the phone, and packaging/ delivery were 5* (having placed the order on a Monday I was wearing the watch on Wednesday afternoon!) The watches are fantastic, the service is 5* and I will definitely be back. A site for watch lovers, owned by a gentleman and afficianado. THANKS JULIAN!

Name:  Christoph R
Datum:  2007-11-13
Taugen wirklich was die Uhren! Top Uhrwerk!

Name:  Øyvind Haugen
Homepage URL:  http://www.paperindustryweb.com
Ort:  Geithus, Norway.
Datum:  2007-11-01
I've said it before and I'll say it again - Julian's store is the only way to go when it comes to Russian watches. Got my latest one today - the Buran Siberian Ice - big and beautiful! Thanks, Julian! Best regards, Øyvind.