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Name:  Christoph
Ort:  Bodensee
Datum:  2014-05-10
6026 Poljot Int. Nicolai II Rotgold 6025 Poljot Int. Zar Nicolai II 2301B Wostok Amphibia Automatik "Fallschirmspringer" Sehr geehrter Herr Kampmann, die Uhren laufen sehr gut und exakt. Kann ich nur weiter empfehlen ein Service wie er eigentlich sein sollte,wird hier in Vollendung geboten. Vielen Dank und Gruß Ch.K.

Name:  David Morris
Ort:  Coventry, England
Datum:  2014-04-03
A good seller should not only be judged by how he sells but how he deals with problems when they arise, and I must say that Julian has been a pleasure to deal with in this case. I purchased a Poljot Chronograph; it’s an excellent timepiece but had an issue with the minute hand skipping. Julian was happy to honour his refund policy (unlike many online sellers), and was kind enough to send me a replacement watch straight away, and let me keep both until I was certain the latter article worked.

Name:  Rob
Ort:  The Netherlands
Datum:  2014-03-27
Happy with my Poljot Aviator 5010. Purchased it mondaynight and today, thursday received it in perfect condition! Thank you for the quick and good service.

Name:  Isaac Lam
Ort:  Malaysia
Datum:  2014-03-22
Very good service indeed. Five stars. Will definitely purchase more from this site.

Name:  Andy Harrison
Homepage URL:  http://www.linkedin.com/pub/andrew-harrison/16/3b6/660
Ort:  UK
Datum:  2014-03-08
I have purchase 2 watches , and had 1 watch rebuilt, service always faultless, a pleasure to do business with this company; highly recommend them!

Name:  José Ángeñ
Ort:  España
Datum:  2014-02-06
La calidad del reloj que adquirí hace más de dos años no tiene dudas. El servicio fue excelente. También el servicio post-venta: puedo atestiguarlo. Sitio de toda confianza (aunque no hable español).

Name:  Eric
Ort:  CT, USA
Datum:  2014-01-29
Perhaps the best customer service I've ever experienced purchasing a watch online, my Strela arrived with no issues, extra straps, and the cookies were a nice touch :) would not hesitate to do business with Julian again, there is a reason he is so highly regarded on the watch forums. Thank you!

Name:  Matt K
Ort:  UK
Datum:  2014-01-21
Purchased a beautiful Strela 1254 from Julian, his customer service is first class.

Name:  Storms
Homepage URL:  www.ladatcha.be
Ort:  Limal - Belgique
Datum:  2014-01-06
Je viens de recevoir la Strela Tribute. Elle est encore plus belle que sur les photos du site. Le service assuré par Monsieur Kampmann est impeccable. Merci pour la rapidité et les soins réservés à l'expédition. Merci aussi pour les petits + et les douceurs (chocolats).

Name:  Gerrit Upmeier
Ort:  48485 Neuenkirchen
Datum:  2013-12-27
7.12.2013 Aeronavigator Wecker 45 mm Kommunikation und Abwicklung wie man sich das als Kunde nur wünschen kann. Die Uhr läuft sehr exakt (in 2Wochen ca. 30Sek Abweichung). Danke!

Name:  Ch.Reizig
Ort:  Berlin
Datum:  2013-12-16
Service in Perfektion..kann ich nur jeden der hier noch nicht bestellt hat ans Herz legen es zutun.

Name:  Reizig
Ort:  Berlin
Datum:  2013-12-16
Kann ich nur weiter empfehlen ein Service wie er eigentlich sein sollte,wird hier in Vollendung geboten. Komme auf jeden Fall wieder darauf zurück.. Gruß aus Berlin

Homepage URL:  TORDO
Datum:  2013-12-09

Name:  Vincent
Ort:  France
Datum:  2013-12-08
Very happy with my watch ! It'a a pleasure to make business with Julian ! Thanks for all and the cookies :-)

Name:  Justin
Ort:  South Africa
Datum:  2013-12-07
A big thank you to Julian for his outstanding service in getting my Poljot Ruslan watch serviced & repaired. Very good communication all the way even to me here in South Africa with fast and prompt delivery of the watch. A definite A+++