Vostok Automatic 24-hours

Delivery Time:
1-2 days

Caliber: Vostok 2431.01

Diameter: 42mm

Height: 15mm

Dial:  green

The russian watchfactory Vostok-inc. “Tschistopolsky” produces these watches with the name of "Wostok" ( Russian: East ) and is well known and respected among watch enthousiasts because of the robust mechanic and good price-value. These watches are produced in the city Tschistopol of the russian area of  Tatarstan.  

Just arrived from Chistopol, Tatarstan - the all new Vostok 24-hour automatic watch! 

Finally there is also a 24-hour watch of Vostok!  This new Komandirskie automatic has a solid brushed stainless steel case with 42mm diameter (46mm with crown), 15mm height and 22mm bandwidth.  Vostok Reference Number: 2431.01/350645

The watchcase comes with a rotating (nice stiff and will not move by itself) bezel , which is equipped with an illuminated dot - it has a slightly curved Plexiglas and a  screwed crown.   (10 ATM water resistant)

Green dial with luminous dots and luminous hands.

Vostok automatic caliber 2431.01 with 31 jewels, 19.800 halfrotations/hour ,automatic rotor, shock protection and about 43 hours power reserve.

Delivery inclusive Vostok Watch Passport with serial number and date of manufacture, with red Vostok watch box .

This watch comes with very nice and solid green-olive textile strap !

In addition, I will send the watch with a perfectly matching  RIOS1931 Buffalo leather strap "Montana"  - you can choose whether you prefer a black, light or dark brown leather and if  the leather or metal band is to be installed already.

It requires a little exercise , getting used to read the time on this 24-hour watches - but it makes even more fun to react on the comments of strangers who think your watch shows the wrong time :-).  Instead of twice a day, the hour hand turns only once to a day its axis - originally such watches have been designed for men who could not notice the difference between morning or afternoon , for example, Arctic explorers, submarine crews etc....