8050 Sturmanskie Sputnik

SKU: 8050

8050 Sturmanskie Sputnik

  • My own old Sturmanskie Sputnik of the 60´ies...

8050 Sturmanskie Sputnik

SKU: 8050
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Movement:  Miyota Quartz

Case: stainless steel polished

Dial: black

Diameter: 40 mm

Height: 10 mm

WEEE-Reg.-Nr. DE 27224119 

Sturmanskie Sputnik Quartz

This new Sturmanskie is dedicated to the Sputnik flight on 4th October 1957.
Sputnik (russian Спутник for "companion" or  in astronomical terms "Trabant " and "Satellite" ) was the name of the first  ten Sovjet satellites that reached the Earth orbit.  Sputnik 1 was - on 4.th October 1957 -  the first artificial earth satellite in an orbit and defined the start of the Sovjet space era.  The word Sputnik is one of the 100 most important words of the 20th Century and in some (especially eastern European ) countries is synonymous with satellite.   (source Wikipedia )
I own and wear in my own collection since many years ( see picture ) an old "Sputnik " from the 60ies -  I am therefore very happy, that this topic "Sputnik" is taken up again and a similar , new watch is presented by Sturmanskie .  

This quartz watch with the well-known Miyota caliber has a polished, solid ( weight of the watch is 52 grams ) stainless steel case with 40 mm diameter, 10 mm height and 20 mm bandwidth.  Screwed and elaborately decorated watchback with cyrillic inscripitions . 10 ATM waterproof.
The dial is based on the model from the 60's and shows silver arabic numerals, silver luminous hands and silver hour markers in rocket shape!  Especially nice : the blue globe with the red colored Soviet Union is transparent and shows parts of the caliber .
Above the Globe,  a plexiglass is inserted and on this, the "Sputnik " as a red second hand "rounds" around the Earth.

Reference of Sturmanskie : S 2034-3311813
Limited to 500 pieces .
Delivery with black leather strap with Sturmanskie buckle , watchbox and additional NATO Textile leather strap in black.

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