Vostok Ships watch 5-CHM Radio Room

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Sold out !
Vostok RADIO ROOM Ships watch 5-CHM
A very special and nice watch!
The SHIP'S CLOCK "5-CHM" also called "SUB CLOCK" was originally produced by Vostok watchmakers for Soviet Navy's battleships and nuclear submarines. Even nowadays many russian ships and submarines are equipped with this watch. The mechanic movment features 12 jewels, with an anchor escapement and monometallic balance - it runs 8 days when fully winded.
The dimensions of this impressive watch are diameter 22 cm (9.8 inches)  and thickness 8 cm (3.14 inches) at a weight of 2,8 kilo. The aluminium case is splash-proof with anticorrosion coating. To set the time and to wind the watch with a key, you can open the front of the case.
Delivered together with a key, holder, screws, papers and papercase.  This watch is very difficult to get nowadays , it is produced by Vostok in Tschistopol, about 800 km from Moscow.
Explanation of the rare "Radio Room" dial:

This clock was positioned in the radio room and displays the UTC time, which refers to the meridian of Greenwich. Its dial is in sector 45 to 48 and 15 to 18 minutes, and 00-03 and 30 to 33 minutes dyed red! As soon as the minute hand is in the red sector there has to be absolute radio silence! This absolute silence is used to make it possible to receive only weak incoming distress cries for help from ships. Since all ships must have these watches in their radio stations ,this will ensure an optimum of safety!
Very limited numbers only !
PS: This is the feedback of my customer Georg N. which I am happy to share with you:

"Today I finally received the rare radio room watch. Please allow me to give some comments on the rare dial.  I am a former radio marine officers. Over 80 years, the radio officers did their service on the seven seas. By means of the Morse button, the connection was held with  home. And in case of distress,  thousands were rescued by these radio officers. When I think of the drama of the Titanic, immediately I noticed the two radio officers, which ceaselessly sent their  SOS in the "ether"   and the heaters that generated the necessary electricity and kept the generators going. They are for me the real heroes, who made sure that more than one thousand people were rescued. This is often concealed in movies...
This watch  is a small appreciation of the former radio officers on all oceans, even if this profession is now extinct and the 500 KHz remains silent.
As a radio amateur I still have the opportunity to go on with this beautiful "black art".
Kind regards from a still practicing Telegraphiste, 73"