3003 Poljot Marinechronometer 6MX

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This Sea-Chronometer from Poljot is called "Schiffschronometer 6MX" and is the highlight of the fine mechanic watches! They were and are used for the position-finding while travelling on the sea. The movment has 15 rubies, a power of 56 hours ( powersign-on the dial )  and is decorated.

The movment weights 2,2kilo and the Sea-Chronometer weights together with the two woodcases approx. 9kilo.

These fine watches are very difficult to find in good condition and they are  very rare. This Chronometer is delivered together with the two wood cases.

Actually one piece in very good condition on stock! If you are interested, mail me at Kampmann@Poljot24.de and I will send you pictures of the 6MX which is on stock right now...