Sturmanskie Open Space 24 hour TITAN

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Caliber: Vostok 2431

Watchcase: polished TITANIUM

Diameter: 42 mm

Height: 13 mm

Dial: golden-brown

Sturmanskie OPEN SPACE 24-hour automatic watch - with TITANIUM case !
The new Sturmanskie OPEN SPACE 24-hour watch with Vostok 2431 automatic caliber!
24-hour watch  from Russia with  automatic caliber!

The Sturmanskie  "Open Space" has a polished watchcase  made of TITANIUM ( therefore just 72 gram weight incl. leather strap ) with 42mm diameter ( with crown 45mm and Lug to Lug width 51mm),  13 mm height and 20 mm bandwidth.
Particularly beautiful and a perfect match for this watch with history:  the glass is plexiglass  ( acyril )  with an inset  date magnifier!    
The beautifully decorated watchback is fixed with a screwed  metal ring and  the caliber is secured with a movement retaining ring made of metal. ( no plastic! )

It takes some exercise , getting used to read the time on a  24-hour watch  - instead of twice per day, the hour hand rotates once per day about its axis - originally these watches  have been designed for people who can´t see  the difference between morning or evening  on the basis of environmental  for example, Polar explorers, submarine crews or as in this case, of course, for cosmonauts!
Special brown-golden dial displays white numbers with luminous dots ,  luminous hands and a prominent red second hand.
The "Open Space" is powered by the robust russian Vostok automatic caliber 2431 with 32 jewels, 19.800 half rotations/hour,  shock protection  and approx.  31 hours  power reserve.

Delivery including high quality  Sturmanskie leather strap in brown, watchcase and papers.  Limited to 2000  pieces.

The history of the "Open Space":
In March 18, 1965 the "Voskhod-2" spaceship was launched from the Baikonur Cosmodrome. The Crew consisting of the captain P.I.Belyaev and co-pilot A.A.Leonov, opened the new chapter in space exploration. At 11:32 Belyaev opened the hatch of the ship. Alexei Leonov was in the space vacuum for 12 minutes and then returned to the airlock chamber. During ship landing due to failure of on-board navigation systems,  Pavel Belyayev had to become the first in the world to have manually-orientated ship towards the sun and switched on the brake engine. On Belyayev's wrist there had been specially manufactured watch in memory of which "Open Space" series was created.
Find more information about the Voskhod-2 mission at  >> wikipedia <<
See here an interesting short    Video on Youtube , showing the visit of Alexei Leonov in space ! 
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