Poljot Marinechronometer 6MX CCCP - one piece only

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Poljot Marinechronometer 6 MX

Poljot Marinechronometer - 6MX  -  manufactured in the late 80s - CCCP production.


Very good condition, with fresh service from our watchmakers!

The ship's chronometer is considered to be the highlight of fine mechanical watchmaking!

Ship chronometers were and are used in seafaring to determine the position - for this you need an accurate clock in addition to a sextant.

This Poljot marine chronometer bears the designation 6MX and the movement is gimbal-mounted in a double case made of precious wood in order to be able to compensate for the swell.

Technical data of the movement: diameter 85mm, height 39mm, 15 jewels, power reserve 56 hours with power reserve indicator on the dial, chronometer escapement, cylindrical hairspring, Guillaume balance. The spring force is kept constant by a chain running in a spiral shape.

Fine adjustments can be made using the regulating screws on the balance.

The work is gilded and decorated with Geneva stripes and shiny screws.

The clockwork weighs 2.2kg, together in the wooden boxes approx. 9kg.


EXPRESS shipping is not possible with this watch - we send this watch very well secured and packaged with DHL. Collection in Munich is of course possible!

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