3003M Poljot 6MX Sea-Chronometer "Motherwatch"

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One piece only on stock! Specially rare "Motherwatch" which can adjust other watches by cable.

Poljot 6MX Marinechronometer - from 1988 - in perfect unused collectors condition - extremely rare !

This Sea-Chronometer from Poljot is called "Schiffschronometer 6MX" and is the highlight of the fine mechanic watches! They were and are used for the position-finding while travelling on the sea. The movment has 15 rubies, a power of 56 hours ( powersign-on the dial )  and is decorated. The movment weights 2,2kilo and the Sea-Chronometer weights together with the two woodcases approx. 9kilo.

This Chronometer is delivered together with the two wood cases.

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