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Actual Info: My visit in May 2013 to the watch factory Poljot International : http://poljot24englisch.blogspot.de/2013/05/visit-at-poljot-international-in-germany.html
I am very happy to present you also the special, exclusive and very detailed watches of "Poljot-International" in my product range of russian watches! More pictures of every watch will follow on my page - if you have any questions about these watches you are very welcome to contact me and I will be happy to help!
Further information can also be found on the homepage of Poljot-International: www.Poljot-International.de
Stories and philosophy of Poljot-International & Basilica
The roots of the brand "Poljot" was  in the 30s of last century, when Moscow established the "First State Watch Factory".
In 1961, after the flight into space of the first human, Yuri Gagarin, the factory-produced watches were named now "Poljot" (= the flight).
The trademark "Poljot-International" was founded in 1994 with the aim to become independent from the economic turmoil in Russia. The newly established brand "Poljot-International" put one hand the Russian traditions of the brand name "Poljot" continues, but one struck the other hand, a fundamentally new, own development.
Designing, manufacturing and quality control as well as service of the watch was organized from now on in Germany. The use of premium materials for the watch manufacturing, creating a distinctive and contemporary design, high quality of assembly work and a rigorous and systematic quality control were the benchmark for the production of the new brand name "Poljot-International". Since that time, the seal "Made in Germany" is seen on every clock of the new brand.
Success stories such as "Nicholas II", "850 years in Moscow," chronograph "Strela" and "Yuri Gagarin" have captured the hearts of many watch lovers in the 90s.
Enjoyed great popularity and the Millennium clock, which was created in collaboration with the Patriarch of the Russian Orthodox Church, Alexey II, and the "Gorbatchov" which was developed together with the first Soviet President Mikhail Gorbachev.
Later came the Clock "Polar Bear", which in 2007 the "North Pole" pass on the icebreaker "Yamal", which was confirmed by a stamp on the certificate, and the World Clock "Soyuz-Apollo", which together with the Russian Cosmos legend , Alexei Leonov has been created.
Today, the brand name "Poljot-International" known worldwide and is sold in over 35 countries. The customers appreciate the high quality and good price-performance ratio of the clocks.
"Poljot-International" should not be confused with the brands "Poljot", "The Aviator," "Buran" and other Russian brands. This is to separate, independent brands and watch manufacturers.
"Basilica" - this was the first series of watches "Poljot-International". Since Byzantine times was with "Basilica" is the brightest part of the cathedral called, which is the ship that will lead the faithful into eternity. This success belongs to the range today and is still popular.
The new brand, which is also produced in Germany is the future-oriented tradition of "Poljot-International".
The brand "Basilica" is a logical consequence of the development of "Poljot-International" and thrilled the watch lovers especially with a fresh design, technical development and constructive and innovative solutions. For example the "Space Light", which dares attempt the planet Earth in our solar system display, or the World Time Clock "Soyuz-Apollo", which the legendary Soviet-American world-space flight reminiscent of 1975, as well as the  "Amber", with the natural amber glass bottom of a 100% effective healing stone achieved by direct skin contact.
As usual, a lot of attention in every detail, much emphasis is placed on the quality of products and all individual components of the watch. The objective is and remains the all-around customer satisfaction, especially for the brand new "basilica".