7001B Seagull 1963 37,5mm Milanaise

SKU: 7001B

7001B Seagull 1963 37,5mm Milanaise

7001B Seagull 1963 37,5mm Milanaise

SKU: 7001B
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Movement: Seagull ST19

Watchcase: stainless steel, polished


Height: 14mm

Bandwidth: 18mm

This is the Seagull 1963 37,5mm with sapphire crystal and Milanaisestrap instead of leather strap !  With clear crystal back !
You can find all Seagull 1963 versions here: https://www.poljot24.de/en/seagull.html
This watch "1963" has a polished stainless steel case with 37,5 mm diameter and 14 mm height and a screwed crystal back - the dimensions and the design are quite similar to the famous russian Sekonda / Strela Schaltradchronographs of the 60'ies. 
This Seagull has a mechanic manual winding "Schaltradchronographenkaliber" No. ST19 , with 40 hours power reserve, 21.600 halfrotations/hour,  shock protection, and 19 jewels.
Seagull in Tianjin bought the production machines from Switzerland in the 60´ies - therefore this very nice  caliber is the successor of the famous Venus 150 Column-wheel-caliber - similar to the famous Poljot 3017 caliber.
The dial has chinese characters, a silver metal dial with golden numbers and indexes. The hands are nicely blue. The "Red Star" at position "12" fits perfect to the design.
The chinese characters on the dial stand for "CHINA" and "Tianjin watch factory".
Diameter is 37,5 mm - with crown 40 mm.  With clear crystal back!
18 mm bandwidth; Delivery is inclusive  watchcase, the original green textile strap and also an additional  high-quality Nr. 9550 Milanaisestrap , made of massive polished stainless steel. Easy to adjust to the size of your wrist !
I also include without extra price a very nice matching black Nato Textile strap, so you get 3 straps included with the watch !
About six years ago I had a customer traveling from China visiting my office and I saw by chance on his wrist this Seagull - I was thrilled of this watch  right away,  therefore I import it now  directly from Shanghai, which is not easy due to the formalities and especially the rarity (not mass produced ! ) of this model. Certainly you have also 2 years full warranty on this watch and also repairs or service are no problems because my watchmakers have all necessary parts on stock!
In 1961 the Tianjin Watch Factory in China had already become famous for the production of the first Chinese watch. Then the factory was commissioned to produce the first Chinese pilots chronograph for the Air Force of the People's Liberation Army. Until October 1962 the factory was producing three charges of the pilot's watch. In late 1962, then came together 38 experts from various fields (Chinese Minister of Industry, Flight Commander, Navy supervisor, etc.) to examine the watch. After the meeting, the Tianjin Watch Factory was officially charged with the production of the watch. In 1963 the factory then manufactured and supplied  1400 aviator watches to the Chinese Air Force.
The Seagull 1963 Chinese Air Force Watch is an official remake of this watch.

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