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Name:  Günther Hones
Location:  Landsberg
Time:  2015-07-21
Absolut zu empfehlen !

Name:  Alaric
Location:  Philippines
Time:  2015-07-21
Julian is a fantastic watch dealer. He communicates with the buyer with such great detail and knowledge about his products. You will immediately realize that Julian's passion is making customer satisfied with their purchase For the product itself, He offers them are great prices also. Got two watches and I really am satisfied with Julian. Cant wait for the next purchase.

Name:  koellensperger
Location:  A-4040 Linz
Time:  2015-07-17
Ein unüblich korrekter Uhren- Verkäufer mit feinen Uhren!!

Name:  Bjarne
Location:  Sweden
Time:  2015-07-13
I received my Poljot traveller alarm last week and is very pleased with it. Great service, fast delivery and very nice email conversation. Thanks for the extra Rios strap. Happy customer!

Name:  Matthew
Location:  UK
Time:  2015-06-28
Thanks for the amazing Strela 1254 watch. Fast delivery, arriving in 2 days with additional straps and chocolates. 5 star service

Name:  Uwe Marin
Time:  2015-06-10
Sehr professionelle und serviceorientierte Abwicklung. Vielen Dank

Name:  Tom Webster
Location:  London
Time:  2015-06-05
Herr Kampmann, Thank you so much for the superb Poljot Int and excellent customer service. Not only is it a stunning watch at a very keen price but the additional straps are a real bonus. My wife is from East Germany and was thrilled with the cookies!

Name:  Thomas Zimmermann
Location:  Kelheim
Time:  2015-05-14
Nach etlichen Jahren ist wieder mal ein positiver Kommentar fällig :) bin ungemein glücklich mit meiner neuerworbenen Aeronavigator. Dazu beigetragen haben fraglos die ungemein sympathische Kundenbetreuung sowie die Packung Russischbrot, das perfekt zum nachmittäglichen Espresso passt :) herzliche Grüße, ich komme bestimmt nochmal bei Ihnen vorbei!

Name:  K Miller
Time:  2015-04-01
Hello Herr Kampmann Thank for the stunning Buran automatic 2616 And the extra watch strap great seller

Name:  Dr. Andreas Krause
Time:  2015-03-14
Hallo Herr Kampmann, das meine Seagull "1963" (37mm Acyrlglas) ein Schmuckstück ist, hatte ich erwartet. Aber gestern am Freitag bestellt und heute am Samstag geliefert? - Perfekt !! Mit besten Grüßen nach München Andreas Krause

Name:  Jimmy
Location:  Canada
Time:  2015-03-12
Truly exceptional. At all levels

Name:  Ahmed Kandil
Location:  Australia
Time:  2015-03-11
My 42mm Strela arrived last week and I couldn't be happier with it. Mr Kampmann is by far the nicest seller I have ever had the pleasure of dealing with. You have earned a life long customer!

Name:  carlo fogagnolo
Location:  Italia
Time:  2015-03-11
7005 Seagull "1963" Airforcewatch 42mm Bellissimo orologio, preciso e silenzioso . Grazie ancora herr Kampmann, anche per i biscotti e anche per il cinturino nato supplementare

Name:  Miles
Time:  2015-03-11
My Strela 1250 chronograph is a beautiful watch! Nice and solid with an amazing dial, full of gorgeous detail. I couldn't be happier with it! Thanks for the great product and service!

Name:  Johan Östman
Location:  Örebro, Sweden
Time:  2015-03-06
I recently purchased the 1963 Seagull reissue (42 mm, black dial). Really happy with the product and the purchase process. Mr Kampmann is a true watch enthusiast and an honest businessman. I'd warmly recommend to anyone who takes an interest in cool timepieces from Russia and China.