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Name:  Jimmy
Location:  Canada
Time:  2015-03-12
Truly exceptional. At all levels

Name:  Ahmed Kandil
Location:  Australia
Time:  2015-03-11
My 42mm Strela arrived last week and I couldn't be happier with it. Mr Kampmann is by far the nicest seller I have ever had the pleasure of dealing with. You have earned a life long customer!

Name:  carlo fogagnolo
Location:  Italia
Time:  2015-03-11
7005 Seagull "1963" Airforcewatch 42mm Bellissimo orologio, preciso e silenzioso . Grazie ancora herr Kampmann, anche per i biscotti e anche per il cinturino nato supplementare

Name:  Miles
Time:  2015-03-11
My Strela 1250 chronograph is a beautiful watch! Nice and solid with an amazing dial, full of gorgeous detail. I couldn't be happier with it! Thanks for the great product and service!

Name:  Johan Östman
Location:  Örebro, Sweden
Time:  2015-03-06
I recently purchased the 1963 Seagull reissue (42 mm, black dial). Really happy with the product and the purchase process. Mr Kampmann is a true watch enthusiast and an honest businessman. I'd warmly recommend to anyone who takes an interest in cool timepieces from Russia and China.

Name:  Chris
Location:  Ireland
Time:  2015-03-04
Received my Poljot aviator watch yesterday. I must say it honestly looks even better in person! Fantastic little pilot watch. The watch arrived excellently packaged with an obvious personal touch to it (treats, signed letter/receipt, extra straps etc.). Thank you very much Julian, excellent service.

Name:  Robert
Location:  Bratislava
Time:  2015-03-03
Fast, courteous and helpful service. It's clearly visible that Julian loves his job and is intent on providing beautiful watches at a very fair price. Customer satisfaction is taken very seriously, which is of the utmost importance to me, so I won't be looking anywhere else; Julian now has one more long-term, happy customer, and I am looking forward to purchasing some more of these beautiful pieces.

Name:  Yordan Kanev
Location:  Bulgaria
Time:  2015-02-10
My new Strela "Cosmos" arrived in perfect condition. It is a very beautiful watch which is lagging behind only 1 second per day! Thank you Mr Kampmann for the quick and good service!

Name:  giulio passera
Location:  lodi - italia
Time:  2015-01-30
Dopo qualche piccolo problema il mio AERONAVIGATOR 5430 é arrivato. l'orologio è imponente e meraviglioso,il quadrante è semplice e molto bello,il fondello della cassa è trasparente e quindi si puo' ammirare il meccanismo interno, che è veramente bello in tutti i suoi particolari . orologio consigliatissimo,molto molto bello! GRAZIE A MR. Kampman x aver risolto un piccolo problema che non dipendeva da lui

Name:  Patrice Langlès
Location:  France
Time:  2015-01-27
Bonjour Monsieur Julian Kampmann, Je confirme la bonne réception de ma montre automatique Buran (modèle 4190A) dans un emballage soigné accompagné de ses bracelets de rechange et de son paquet de gâteaux (sympathique clin d'oeil)... Je recommande vivement "" pour la qualité de son service et pour la rapidité de la livraison... Cordialement.

Name:  Uwe Baake
Location:  95030 Hof
Time:  2015-01-15
Heute habe ich mir einen Traum erfüllt! 1992 ist mein Vater verstorben, und mit ihm die Uhr, die ich als Kind mit großen Augen bewundert habe, ein nicht mehr nachvollziehbares Schicksal eingegangen. Jetzt liegt sie an meinem Handgelenk und ich bin einfach nur glücklich. Neben der emotionalen Bindung ist sie, (Strela 1258), einfach eine besondere Schönheit! Kein "Zeitgeist" im modischen Sinn, sondern eine Zeitreise in klare, schnell zu erfassende solide Technik. Danke Herr Kampmann

Name:  Dario Morandini
Location:  Italy
Time:  2015-01-07
I have received two days ago my beautiful Strela 1254G. Thank you Julian for a perfect customer support and for the nice cookies!

Name:  Dario Morandini
Location:  Italy
Time:  2015-01-06
I have received yesterday my beautiful Strela 1254G. Thank you Julian for a perfect customer service (and for the cookies, too!).

Name:  Herbert Bunn
Location:  Krefeld
Time:  2014-12-15
Schneller und kompetenter Service, den man sich anderswo oft wünschen würde. Auch die Kommunikation mit dem Kunden stimmt. So macht das Uhrenhobby Spaß. Vielen Dank dafür!

Name:  Edward Skene
Location:  United Kingdom
Time:  2014-11-30
The Sturmanski gagarin arrived in perfect condition. Surprised at how accurate this manual wind watch is. Gains only 3 seconds over 4 days when compared to radio controlled clock. The service from Julian Kampmann is first class , I ordered the watch on sunday and had the watch on wednesday at lunchtime.